Fuck Your IPod!

The Sony Walkman WM-1
photo: my lovely wife

I recently received a batch of cassettes in the mail shortly after my Ipod bit it. All I wanted to do was to listen to some music while I was at the laundrymat but the damn thing won’t even turn on. Then I thought it would be a good idea to listen to these cassettes. So I pulled out my WM-1 (circa 1981) and placed the Damion Romero/ 16 Bitch Pile Up – Cross Sections series Bake 1 cassette in and decidedly walked into downtown Ballard to see what would happen.

The WM-1 still sounded great after all these years. I even have the original headphones. While walking around I reminised about being in college and listening to The Psyclones – Cult Leader Gang Raped by Disciples cassette on this same machine.

But fuck your Ipod! this beast weighs a ton, sounds great and holds up to 90 minutes of music (120 minutes can be achieved at a lower bit rate).