I miss Gastropod

The final menu. We ate nearly everything!

Roasted shishito peppers, kim chee tofu sauce

Cold Tomato and melon soup, ghost-chocolate-fatali pepper oil

Rosated chioggio beets, mixed chicories, asian pear and minted yogurt

Sea cow oysters, fresh wasabi, ikura and ponzu

Garlic gastropoda, oyster mushrooms, sous vide duck egg and baguette

Cast iron okonomiyaki, roasted anchovy sambal brocolli, geoduck, bbq sauce, chile kewpie and bonito flakes.

Black garlic soba, matsutake, pickled ginger chips and soy whip cream

King salmon, coconut sticky black rice cake, nectarine sake suku and celery leaves.

Waygu zabuton steak, heirloom tomatoes, stinky parisian gnocchi and taleggio cheese.

Basil-aquavit ice cream, balsamic glaze.