Gear VR Review Day 27

The Box
This one is pretty weird. Is the graphics primitive as a style? It sort of looks like something the Residents did in 1995? There is a bunch I like about it but am also put off by it. Spatial audio was nowhere on this.

Gear VR Review Day 26

Smash Hit
So much fun! I like this better than the mobile version. Much easier to do what you want. I think the audio is spatialized. At least I was surprised to hear it that way, but I could have just wished for it and it was really stereo.

Gear VR Review Day 25

Cosmos Warfare
Wow! This is really fun. The audio is static, but it really doesn’t matter. This game is in a space ship and you shoot at what you look at. Of course you can’t shoot at stuff your not supposed to. I was really entertained by it.

Gear VR Review Day 24

This is utterly useless. It wanted me to sign up for VR service, but I don’t know what it’s going to look like. If I had to make a decision from what I saw, I’d say it’s just another big screen tv to watch movies on. Although it was cool, that there is a mountain range outside the window. That might be a cool thing about VR is the ability to watch a movie in any environment.

Gear VR Review Day 23

This is like a Disney ride music visualizer. The animation and movement speed was cool. There was no spatialization but then it’s just a visualizer. You can also load your own music from your device into it. I did that and couldn’t really see a correlation with the animation and what was playing. I suppose it’s set up for EDM since that’s what the default music is. But pumping ambient music into it doesn’t do much. When I really paid attention to the animation to see what they were reacting to, I realized there was latency to the system. That’s probably why the visualization didn’t make sense.

Gear VR Review Day 22

The Blu
I thought this would be cooler. It’s just narrated animations of sea life. I’d much rather see real oceanography since there was no spatialization. The audio clicked a bunch and dropped out sooooo…….

Gear VR Review Day 21

Zen Parade
I met this guy Kevin Mack and talked about sound for what he was doing. Was kind of disappointed by the lack of spatialization or lack of sound in general. Just had music. The visuals are really cool, but this teaser is just too short and the full meal deal is only 5 minutes.

Gear VR Review Day 19

Gondola Ride at the Venitian in Las Vegas had good spatialization but lots of comb filtering effects. The codec that was used was such that it caused lots of audible chirping.