More Cool Nova Blitz Art

Here’s some more art from Nova Blitz​. Consider helping me make this a reality. $25 isn’t much if you’re into Trading Card Games! Look at the perks!

SOLDIER ($65 value)

-20 Nova Boosters, a $40 value
-500 Nova Credits, $5 value
-2 Free Drafts, a $10 value
-2 Free Constructed Leagues, a $10 value
-Soldier card back
-Beta invite
-Backer Tournament invite
-Your name in the credits as a Soldier


Nova Blitz Kickstarter

Our Kickstarter is live and is already exceeding expectations. If you are into Trading Card Games, back this project. It’s gonna be huge! If you are not into games but “like” me as a citizen of the world, even a $1 backing helps us toward our goal.

Alpha Update

Updates to the Alpha are available now. Most significant is the art is 200% bigger. If you’ve downloaded the game recently, do it again and see the improvements made based on YOUR feedback.


More Nova Blitz

Thanks to everyone that has downloaded the game so far. Please install and play and give us feedback. This is very different from music production. Things change as they progress. This is all based on feedback. Even if you are not a gamer, you might like this.



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Game Audio Designer Notes

You know you’ve just about lost it when…

You are previewing sound effects and you think, “huh, that would make a great musical piece.”
Nova Blitz

You know you've just about lost it when…You are previewing sound effects and you think, "huh, that would make a great musical piece." Nova Blitz

Posted by Scott Colburn on Friday, July 3, 2015