Huffington Post on Prince Ali

Huffington Posts thinks “Prince Ali” is worth donating to. We are trying to raise money to make this short. I will be the sound designer. Kevin Hamedani is the director. You will know him from his other films that I did sound design for, namely “Zombies of Mass Destruction” and “Junk”. Max Borenstein is co-directing. You will know him as being the writer for the latest “Godzilla” film. Please help them is you can.


Junk on Hulu

I’m pleased to announce that you may now see this film on hulu! I was the sound designer on this film and there are a few Jabon tracks in there too!


Favorites for August

Happy Labor Day Everybody!

More hot Black Metal for your summer listening pleasure

Profanatica – Jehovah Fading
Havohej – Purple Cloak – Unknown
Havohej – Demos
Havohej – Untitled Song
Paysage D’hiver – Der Kristall ist Eis
Paysage D’hiver – Einkehr
Paysage D’hiver – Des Lichtes Sterben I
Paysage D’hiver – Schatten

August 2014 by Scott Colburn on Mixcloud