Had an awesome time hanging out, dining and staying up waaaay past our bedtimes with Widowspeak!

Collision Theory – Next Performance

Good News! The next performance of Collision Theory is actually free and runs over three days. See the schedule on the link below and check it out


{light, movement, exposure}

A FREE performance experience.

Viewfinder is an ongoing performance installation—you can come and go as you wish. Niehoff and her fab dancers are collaborating with photographer Hayley Young to create an immersive environment of sound and movement in which anyone in the audience can use a myriad of cameras to capture images of their own choosing, at any time.

Viewfinder is made possible by the generous support of Suyama Peterson Deguchi.

March 28 from 6:30-8:30

March 29 from 12-5pm
March 30 from 3-6pm

Suyama Peterson Deguchi – 2324 2nd Ave, Seattle WA
Please ring bell for entry.

Cracker Factory

The Cracker Factory shit is starting to drop!!

When Robots run the world…you lose!

My friend Chris Forsyth just posted this

Just got a whole series of these: “Hi Chris Forsyth, Our automatic content protection system has detected that your sound “Paranoid Cat Pts1-3” may contain the following copyright content: “Paranoid Cat, Parts 1-3″ by Chris Forsyth, owned by ADA Global. As a result, its publication on your profile has been blocked.”

The Future of Music

I’ve decided that I’m only interested in listing to music on Hit Clips or Piano Rolls. Screw your vinyl edition! If it’s not on a piano roll, I’m not interested. I’ve burned all my vinyl and CD’s and Cassettes and VHS. More Power to the Piano Roll!

HitClips is a digital audio player created by Tiger Electronics that plays ultra-low-fi stereo one minute clips of pop songs.

operative word- ULTRA low-fi!

If anyone has any black metal HitClips, I’ll pay big dollars!

Rulon Brown

Just finished an excellent tracking session with Rulon Brown and his band of renown. Straight back from Nicaragua featuring Bill Horist, Paul Rucker and Jeff Busch. Very very Cool.