Hilarious Scare tactics

I received this because I live in a building that used to be a church but is no longer a church since 1980! This is funny because they are trying to scare churches into paying for license to sing songs that are probably WAY in public domain. I applaud their effort though. It’s quite a scam.


This is not the exact add that I fell for but it was sinilar. My prize was supposed to be a life size frankenstein with glowing eyes. Probably cost a dollar as well but mine was printed on a plastic sheet and I had to adhere the glowing eyes myself and charge them with light. I was disappointed to say the least. This one was printed on card stock at least.

Destination: Rest and Relaxation

First Maui Sunset
First Dinner cooked at the AirB&B
Watch out for those waves Ho’okipa Lookout
Sensai Sushi to go
Kihei Sunrise
180 view
The Price you want to pay
Our slice of beach
Even made remote chicken tacos
Ho Hum another fab dinner on the lanai
Loco Moco
Bento Box
Maui Brewery Coconut Porter
Sensible Breakfast
Yum! Wild Chickens
Then there was the Deluge of 2022
Tight Tacos to the rescue
The Jaye nails swordfish for the first time with brussel sprouts inspired by the Sensei run and fried rice from the leftover Maui Grill lunch.
Weird light over Kihei
Nice Cloud Formation
Good Night