Junk Kung Fu

And so this concludes another day of Sound Design on JUNK. I’m so completely satisfied with the sheer mayhem I’m creating for this film. I’ve always wanted to do a Kung Fu scene. Now I have.


Today was spent mapping out the ADR for “Junk”. Not bad! Not bad at all! but the foley for foreign language dubs will be a bitch.

Junk Sound Design begins

Started Sound Design work on Hamedani’s latest film yesterday.

Today was spent doing ADR analysis on “Junk” as well as trying to figure out why Final Cut would only export 1 track of audio as omf on reel 1 but works fine for tracks 1-16 on reels 2-6. stupid fuckers.

Prince Rama on NBC News!

Excellent Review

Prince Rama Shares New Track

Published July 14, 2011  Updated on July 15, 2011 at 12:27 pm


Last we heard from Brooklyn’s Taraka and Nimai Larson, otherwise known as the sister-duo behind Prince Rama, they lost a member, then led an experimental music score and dance to a backdrop of old VHS tapes at Issue Project Room.

Today, they share with us, via Pitchfork, a new track called “Rest In Peace” from the band’s upcoming album Trust Now. It’s from the young band’s fifth (!) full-length, and second on venerable label of Animal Collective bros, Paw Tracks. It was recorded in an old church – right for the band’s occult leanings – and you can hear the expansive space all over the track.

“Rest in Peace” has all the hustle of previous releases, but there’s something brighter – the harmonies not as clustered, the rhythms not as dense.

This last note rings especially true on the song’s midsection, a thundering series of orchestra-hit equivalents, paired with metallic bells that will align all your chakras, or all the planets, or make you one with the universe or something.

Despite synth player Michael Collins’ absence, the sisters have managed to retain that spiritual air as just a duo. Nimai’s propulsive rototom drumming and the ethereal vocals of both help summon that mystery we’ve become used to hearing from the group.

Trust Now is out Oct. 4.