Colburn Chili

When I was a kid, we had this dish all the time. In talking about it now, our family realized that Colburn Chili was Hamburger Wok with extra ingredients. Some say this is not chili, but to us, it was. So I decided to make it again, but up he quality of ingredients.

Brown Hamburger in a pan

add shitake mushrooms, Italian olives, san marzano tomatoes, kidney beans.

Season with chili powder, salt, pepper and smoked paprika.

Serve on rice.

AltSpace is no more again!

To our beloved Altspacers, 

This is where we say goodbye. Thank you for joining us on this wonderful adventure, and for making AltspaceVR a warm and welcoming community built by caring and creative people.  🥰

Though we’re sad to go, we hope that the friendships we formed, the experiences we shared, and the memories we made will live on.  

With love and gratitude, 
The AltspaceVR Team 


My first Avatar January 2016

Avatar 2 March 2016. This was my favorite.

Attending my first live comedy imprv March 2016. I’m on the right

This led to being interviewed by the Wall Street Journal.

“Scott Colburn likes that he can wear pajamas and drink beer from his own fridge while in VR. When going to real clubs and bars, “it can be hard to find parking and the drinks are going to be expensive,” said the 52-year-old from Seattle.”

Then Reggie Watts showed up and things got real interesting. Sept 2016.

2nd event Oct 2016

Greatest concert of 2016!

Then the next Watts concert got even weirder May 2017

That time we hung out with Al Roker in Time Square August 2017

That one time when we watched the eclipse in VR. August 2017

Then the funding ran out and we had to say goodbye

Microsoft buys and we get More Watts! Sept 2019

Then during the pandemic they (Microsoft) did away with our beloved avatars and gave us real shit to work with.

But the Reggie show were amazing.

in 2021 shit got real

Then is got shut down.