This Is Psychotronic Cinema

I started producing a youtube show called This Is Psychotronic Cinema. It’s a homage to the horror movie hosts of my youth featuring an eccentric host, an AI called “The Oracle” which recites entries from the Psychotronic Encyclopedia of Film and features movies from my personal VHS collection.

Please join me for the premiere on May 5th 2023 at 10pm Pacific at and, as always, please Like and Subscribe.


Most of you know I currently work in Audio Research. It’s an interesting environment to work in as I’m very far removed from the academic or scientific aspects of a career in science, but I DO know how important the published paper is to a career scientist. This went around the office and because I know how these paper look and read, it’s hilarious. Might be a geek inside joke, but I laughed my ass off.

Tourist in our own town

We decided to save some money and be tourists in our own town. Boy, what fun!

Pike Place Market produce looking real good

Piroshky Piroshky not as great as I remembered.

The perfect location at H-Mart.

That book is DANK at Tensing Momo.

Ye Ol’Magic Shop

Elevator doors from parking to market.

Habanero IPA Maritime Pacific.

Red Star Tacos – not that great.

Rothko still hanging at the SAM

Rothko detail

Rothko detail

Buddhist Ritual Mask of Dragon King 13th Century @ the SAM

Sumatran ritual cloth looking amazingly like a Rothko

Chimeric Space of Caroliner tribute?

You should see the other guy!

k.d. Lang performed at The Hardware Store on Vashon!