Dad’s Day

My dad was a designer and won an award for a table set in 1971. We ate every family meal on that table and it persists today at their current home.

Happy Litha Everybody

Please join me in reflecting on new growth as we have a very powerful event happening at 2:43 pst. Not only is it Litha, but it also a new moon and a solar eclipse AND Mercury is in retrograde.

Happy Juneteenth Everybody!

Today was one of the most uplifting days in recent memory. The place that I work had us cancel all our meetings so we could attend some talks with significant Black Americans that have made a difference. We had Dr. Michael Eric Dyson, Ava DuVernay, Eric Holder, Sybrina Fulton and DeRay McKesson as well as other rockstars from our internal team.
In the middle of this day of presentations, a parade of what looked like 2000 people go by the house. This footage is just a short sampling of this.

It gave me uplifting joy because it seemed that people were finally awake.

I care about humans.

So much so that I have to hide behind a “not caring” mask.

Today’s holiday has been the first meaningful holiday I’ve experienced in my entire life. The talks give me hope and corroborated many ideas that have been knocking around my head since lockdown began. I’m thriving during this pandemic because minds are getting opened!

I wish I could share Dr. Dyson’s talk with all of you far and wide but I can’t. What I can share is a tiny paragraph in his talk where he quoted George Clinton, “Free Your Mind and Your Ass will Follow”.

Powerful words because minds all over the world are being freed and we can now move forward into an age of enlightenment Welcome to the 21st century! I’ve been waiting for you.