Scott Colburn is an audio wizard residing in Seattle but has been known to materialize all over the globe.

He is currently concentrating on spatial music mixing, audio perception research and AR/VR sound design.

Now approaching 30 years in the audio business, Scott's career highlights are as follows:

2002 Grammy Award for Charlie Patton -

"Screamin' and Hollerin' the Blues" box set


2007 Grammy nomination for Arcade Fire - "Neon Bible" (Merge)

2008 Les Victoires de la Musique for Cali - "l'espoir" (EMI France)

Animal Collective - "Feels", "People",

"Strawberry Jam" and "Water Curses"

(Fat Cat and Domino)

Nurses - "Dracula" (Dead Oceans)

Prince Rama - "Trust Now" and "Top Ten Hits of the Apocalypse"

(Paw Tracks)

Sun City Girls - All works between 1993 and 2010

(approximately 30 records)

Decoder Ring - "They Blind the Stars and the Wild Team" (Inertia)

Music Composition for "Session 9"

directed by Brad Anderson (USA Films)

Sound Design for "Zombies of Mass Destruction",

"Colony" and "Junk" directed by Kevin Hamedani

Sound Design for "Walking to Werner" directed by Linas Phillips

Sound Design for "Ice Cream Ants" directed by Jeremy Carr

Music Composition for KT Niehoff including

"A Glimmer of Hope" and "Collision Theory"

Sound Design for Donald Byrd and Spectrum Dance Theater's

production of "Petruchska"

Administrator for

Parent's Choice award for "Oyasumi"

by Elizabeth Falconer and Aiko Shimada

Live radio mixes for KEXP including

The Polyphonic Spree, Clinic, The Doves, Ben Gibbard and The Church

Time Magazine's "Person of the Year" 2006

Musical Composition for "People and Arts" channel ID's

(Discovery Channel)

Mudhoney - "Since We've Become Translucent" (Sub Pop)

Cerberus Shoal - "Chaiming the Knoblessone"

and "Land We All Believe"(NEI)

Ken Stringfellow - "Soft Command" (Yep Rock)

Feral Children - "Second to the Last Frontier"

and "Brand New Blood" (Sarathan)

Captain Beefheart - "Grow Fins" box set (Revenant)

Climax Golden Twins - member and engineer 1995-2005

25 books on tape including recordings of Kirk Douglas, Adrienne Barbeau, Gary Owens and Michael York

Various articles for TapeOp, Mix and EQ magazines

And about 350 full length records from the world’s finest musicians

The Long List (in reverse chronological order)