Cracker Factory Release party

Cracker Factory LP release party is tomorrow (Sat). It’s free and EARLY (6:30p) at the Seamonster Lounge. It’s all part of the Summer of Colburn celebration.


Vensaire – Perdix!

They say that this is only available for a limited time. I’m not sure what that means, but this record kills! Its the Summer of Colburn culmination of blood sweat and tears. WAIT! it sounds nothing like Blood Sweat and Tears. It sounds like…hmm, trying to put my finger on it…it sounds like…

Coming Soon – Disappear Here!

The Question is: Do I file this under C for Coming Soon or G for Genie!


Darkpine released

More Summer of Colburn celebration. Physical release available. Release party Sunday at Chop Suey.

Portland Junk

PORTLAND! the movie “JUNK” is showing at the Mission Theater FRI, 11/15, 8:30. I did the sound design for this film


Coming Soon 12″ Vinyl

I had an incorrect thought! This is the 12th time I’ve been wrong. The Coming Soon EP is a 12″! Not a 7″! I think the confusion is that it sells for 7 Euros. The Summer of Colburn stands corrected.


Previously announced and celebrated Summer of Colburn release by Darkpine will be available 11-17, but you can hear the whole damn thing right now!

Cracker Factory Vinyl

The Summer of Colburn celebrates Día de Muertos with yet another release! Cracker Factory on vinyl!