Computer Space

Turns out that the first video game to ever have sound, created the best noise piece ever! Take THAT Throbbing Gristle! You were never as good as COMPUTER SPACE.

Favorites for January 2015

Happy Imbolc Everybody!

Here’s my favorites for January 2015

K. Leimer – Ceylon
K. Leimer – My Timid Desires
K. Leimer – Entr’acte
K. Leimer – Gisella
K. Leimer – Reassurances
K. Leimer – Eno’s Aviary
K. Leimer – Malaise
Klaus Schulze – Alles Ist Gut
Klaus Schulze – Well Roared, Lion
Klaus Schulze – Radio Goethe 2
Klaus Schulze – Radio Goethe 1
Don Slepian – Awakening (excerpt)
Hearts of Space – 003 – BEYOND BAROQUE
Gyorgy Legeti – Lux Aeterna

January 2015 by Scott Colburn on Mixcloud