Seasons Full Length

Well, it looks like the Summer of Colburn is sounding pretty sweet again this year. In this article you can stream two songs from the upcoming full length by Seasons which I produced last year. The author got a few things wrong (saying that I “engineered” the record rather than “produced” it and referring to the mastering engineer as the Mixer, when it was Julian Martlew and myself) but at least it got in print! right? Please to enjoy these sounds.

Favorites for May 2014

Kim Fowley – Bubble Gum
Kim Fowley – Animal Man
Kim Fowley – Chinese Water Torture
Kim Fowley – Nightrider
The Telescopes – I Fall She Screams
Smersh – Greasing Wheezer
Slicing Grandpa – Low Vibrations
Slicing Grandpa – Most Minimal
Moira Scar – Transblister
Moira Scar – Spacetime Resonators
Moira Scar – Magician’s Rant–Ossuery Querry–Spilt Potion
Moira Scar – De-Monster-A-Tiff
Moira Scar – Miss Funktion
Factrix – Eerie Lights
Factrix – Heavy Breathing
Factrix – Anemone Housing
Cray (Ross Healy) – STRK
Mono; Poly – Ramayana

May 2014 by Scott Colburn on Mixcloud