Vensaire – Perdix (gold vinyl)

The next entry in the Summer of Colburn series is the vinyl version of the Vensaire record. Of course this was released in Nov of 2013, but only recently have you been able to buy the vinyl of this great record. It’s my first gold record!

PonyHomie EP

Oh Yeah! Looks like the Summer of Colburn is starting early this year! I produced this record which includes an out take from Remable, 2 songs produced through my UW Audio class and 1 brand new song recording from late last year.

Nova Blitz Indie Game Mag write up

Nova Blitz is the game I’m currently doing sound design for. It was written up in Indie Game Mag recently.

Nova Blitz is looking to stand out amongst the many indie TCGs out there by offering an assortment of differentiating mechanics. As an example, the devs at Dragon Foundry mentioned that “turns are shared between you and your opponent, so the action takes place simultaneously. There’s no waiting for your opponent to take their turn.” There’s also a shuffler that “reduces the chances of Energy Screw (not having enough resources to play your cards).” Drafts are then done between real players, so card packs are traded with actual players and not determined by a random algorithm. Finally, “Nova Blitz booster packs will be smart packs: You get to choose the expansion the cards come from; you won’t be locked to one.” There’s a whole lot more information on the way, as the game is still in the early stages of development, but lore-wise the story pits different Novas against each other in gladiatorial combat in an effort to earn a place in the annual Nova Blitz championship, where winners receive fame and fortune.