Jaunt For Your Life!

My new favorite show is 70’s sci-fi series The Tomorrow People. This was produced concurrently with Dr. Who and included many familiar sounds, cheap video effects and plots. It’s actually way more psychedelic than Dr. Who but he familiar sounds of the BBC Radiophonic workshop rules the soundtrack.

I was turned on to this a couple years ago by coming across the soundtrack on an online blog about sci-fi. Being a fan of the Radiophonic Workshop, I downloaded the theme and loved it, but I felt that it was too obscure of a TV show that I would never see an episode. Recently in a DVD rental shop, I spied a DVD collection of Tomorrow People and I was in heaven. It’s now on my Netflix list and am enjoying every episode.

Turns out that it is being produced again. But I suspect is not nearly as cool as the original given my disappointment with the newly produced Dr. Who’s.