Residents Tape Archive

August 14th, 2017 marked the start of a massive tape transfer project. This was the first batch of tapes I received from the Cryptic Corporation. These were the oldest and most rare Residents tapes ever.

Over the next three years nearly 200 1/4″ reels and almost 100 multitrack reels would pass through my hands for preservation. This was the entire Residents tape archive and I was giddy with excitement, but at the same time nervous as shit to know that this valuable collection was sitting in my studio.

Warner Brothers Record
Rusty Coat Hangers for the Doctor
B*** S**
Santa Dog
Meet The Residents
Third Reich and Roll
Not Available
Duck Stab
Buster and Glen
Commercial Album
Typical multi track transfer session. 16 track 1″ machine in the back of the room.
Typical transfer setup. 1/4″ half track on the right. 1/4″ 4 track on the stand.
A Thank You card for all my hard work.