I just played Rockband for the first time tonight and I was horrified. I thought I could just play along with the music and I could play the guitar like I would normally. NO…it’s actually a game and you have to follow the rules. This isn’t working for me. My band mates were upset cos I kept getting us booed off the stage (sounds oddly familiar…can anyone say ODIR?). I finally got the hang of it towards the end of the night and about 6 beers later, but the real problem was that I just didn’t know the songs. These songs are too popular. What I want to see is Rockband versions of Chrome or Black Flag or Caroliner. Then we really will be cooking. It would also be nice if you could just wail on the instrument and jam rather than having to play the song correctly. Where’s the innovation in this. Maybe you could actually make a Smashing Pumpkins songs sound good if you could change the parts. But I digress.