Hardy Fox – American Composer 1945 – 2018

Hardy was best known (or rather unknown) as the main composer for The Residents. Just take a look at this discography and you will see it is undeniable that he lived his life as a composer. The Residents are among the small few that have had great impact on my life not only as a musician but as a music lover and performer. They exposed me to music that was outside the box. They exposed me to art that was outside the box and they exposed me to the truth of great art, which is that it must be done.

Who knows was the future holds? If he was like Zappa, maybe there is a storehouse of compositions waiting to be unleashed. Whatever the outcome, I will miss getting an announcement that there is a new Hardy Fox composition to listen to.

He did it! He made it through life as an artist and that is truly an accomplishment.