Sonic Attack


This is a trilogy of 7″ records of bands doing Hawkwind covers. I was first interested in it cos Mudhoney was doing one. The first song I ever recorded by Mudhoney was Sonic Infusion and it reminded me of Hawkwind, so I was interested in hearing them doing a real Hawkwind song.

I got these records in and the Mudhoney track was pretty good but sounded less like Hawkwind than I expected. The B side was Mugstar and it was also a decent cover, but nothing to write home about.

Then I played the Kinski/ Bardo Pond. I thought Kinski would be good cos they do that sort of thing, but I was disappointed because it was probably the worst cover of a Hawkwind song I’ve ever heard. I mean, the rhythm was way off and the recordings was squeaky clean. A real let down. BUT the Bardo Pond was fantastic! Blew my mind really and prepared me for record three which was Acid Mothers Temple/ White Hills.

Acid Mothers Temple was pretty cool but left me a bit flat, so i played it at 45rpm and it was super sweet.

How could I know that when I flipped the record over and played White Hills that my face would become dislodged and end up hanging on the wall behind me. Now THAT’s a Hawkwind cover!!!