Facebook Connection

Not long ago I wondered why certain groups I “liked” on Facebook were no longer posting anything. I ended up deleting my account and moving to a new one which seemed to work fine. Today I found out that the new “Promote” button was aimed at having you pay for more reach. Seems like anything I post on Facebook will only selectively reach about 100 people unless I pay for it to reach my whole “like” list. If you want to make sure you see what I’m posting, you may want to also subscribe to my Twitter Feed, as everyone will receive the message.

Emerald City

SATURDAY! – New news! Advanced tickets are only $10! ($15 DOS). I’ve just finished the compositions for this and “The Wiz” ambient composite piece. The playlist by DJ ME will include classic 70’s disco, Amon Tobin, Stock Hausen and Walkman, Dub Reggae and a special down tempo chill house cut with “Fashion Statements” throughout.

There are several admission times and the capacity is limited, but once you are in, you’re in. The show is repeated throughout the night, so no need to worry if you are going to see something else…come by after for a night cap.

BTW – Disco pants will be adorned by moi.