A Place to Pray – Thelema

I was just informed by Olav Hagen that this release that originally came out on the Gravelvoice label has been re-issued along with the group’s 2nd album “Disciplina Arcana”.

Here’s a link to the Gravelvoice Memorial Bandcamp page for streaming of the original cassette release.

There was also a listening/ conversation celebration for the re-release and it’s association with it’s nomination to the Norwegian Album Classics series.

In 1985, an album was released that was to become a classic in Norwegian music history: “Thelema” by A Place to Pray, released on cassette. This was a cult project from Drammen, led by the then 19-year-old Olav Hagen, who mixed industrial music with religious folk tunes. The album was spread all over the world, and had an influence on, among other things, the experimental part of the black metal scene. Hagen was also a pioneer in sampling from Arne Nordheim, 13 years before Biospehere/Deathprod did the same. “Thelema” is a unique musical experience, which contains everything from Tibetan longhorns to American evangelists. In December 2023, the album will be re-released on CD as part of Christer Falck’s crowd-funded Norwegian Album Classics series. On this occasion, Drammen cultural center invites you to a listening evening and conversation with Olav Hagen and author and music journalist legend Arvid Skancke-Knutsen. They will guide us through the music, and share stories and thoughts about this musical gem.