Sun City Girls on the radio

The Sound Projector has a great episode of their podcast dedicated to Sun City Girls. Not only is this podcast excellent, but the whole series is cool. This is the only podcast I subscribe to and it’s always a journey. It’s one way I find out about new music. I totally recommend it to the person who is actually interested in broadening their horizons.

Jackson 5 Was My First Concert

Yep, it was August 19th, 1973 at the Indianapolis State Fair. I wasn’t quite 10. If you click on the album cover above, you’ll hear a segment from the album pictured above. That segment was my favorite piece from that record and was the reason I wanted to see them live.

I don’t rememeber much about it except that the first band came on and I didn’t recognize anyone. My Mom and Dad took me to the show, so I asked my Dad, “none of those guys look like Michael”. and he replied, “that’s the warm up band. That’s for the adults.”

my mind was blown!

I still don’t know who that band was, but I hope it was something cool like the Commodores.

When I heard today that Michael Jackson died, this piece started playing in my head. It’s the coolest snippet of psychedelic rock that i can think of that when you play it for people and they ask, “who was that?”. They never believe the answer.

The record is fantastic! Bill Cosby plays a news reporter named Scoop Newsworthy and he sort of looks like Groucho Marx. The live version of their classic songs sound hyper and hardcore. It was some soundtrack to some TV show! It came out in 1971 and it has always popped up from time to time.

Thriller WAS a good record.I really like the way it sounds, but Nirvana knocked MJ off the number one position in the 90’s.

I had to pull the car over when I heard THAT one.

Do you think there will be MJ sightings now just like there are Elvis sightings? The King of Pop and the King of Rock and Roll

Are you feeling it?

I’m feeling it.

Fuck Your IPod!

The Sony Walkman WM-1
photo: my lovely wife

I recently received a batch of cassettes in the mail shortly after my Ipod bit it. All I wanted to do was to listen to some music while I was at the laundrymat but the damn thing won’t even turn on. Then I thought it would be a good idea to listen to these cassettes. So I pulled out my WM-1 (circa 1981) and placed the Damion Romero/ 16 Bitch Pile Up – Cross Sections series Bake 1 cassette in and decidedly walked into downtown Ballard to see what would happen.

The WM-1 still sounded great after all these years. I even have the original headphones. While walking around I reminised about being in college and listening to The Psyclones – Cult Leader Gang Raped by Disciples cassette on this same machine.

But fuck your Ipod! this beast weighs a ton, sounds great and holds up to 90 minutes of music (120 minutes can be achieved at a lower bit rate).