Favorites for May 2014

Kim Fowley – Bubble Gum
Kim Fowley – Animal Man
Kim Fowley – Chinese Water Torture
Kim Fowley – Nightrider
The Telescopes – I Fall She Screams
Smersh – Greasing Wheezer
Slicing Grandpa – Low Vibrations
Slicing Grandpa – Most Minimal
Moira Scar – Transblister
Moira Scar – Spacetime Resonators
Moira Scar – Magician’s Rant–Ossuery Querry–Spilt Potion
Moira Scar – De-Monster-A-Tiff
Moira Scar – Miss Funktion
Factrix – Eerie Lights
Factrix – Heavy Breathing
Factrix – Anemone Housing
Cray (Ross Healy) – STRK
Mono; Poly – Ramayana

May 2014 by Scott Colburn on Mixcloud

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