Jabon - Anything for a Friend

(GVR-031) Cassette 1989

Stories For Children
Chile Pootay

You Will Die
You Bitch

This is the sixth Jabon tape. This was a limited edition for those that participated and a few other worthy souls. All the songs on here were created by Scribble and his friends. Chile Pootay was interesting because Scribble,my friend Dave and I tried to go see Caroliner at Cubby Bears in Chicago. Caroliner never showed up so we went home and drank to excess and played with the cat. We took a red bandanna and put it in front of the cat. The cat would place his paw on the bandanna and we would pull it away. He would extend his claws and the ripping sound commenced. When mic'd close, the ripping sounds like that of ripping flesh. Combined with our a capella rap beat and screams of agony, the piece is disturbing and comical. What did the neighbors think?