Summer 1985

(GVR-009) Cassette 1986

Searching For the End of the Tunnel
Sacrifice to Candles

Pain, My Pain
A Door, A Fish, Your Head
Been Pegged Today?

This was the first Jabon recording session and at that time Jabon was just Scribble alone. We prepared tape loops on NAB carts and recorded this tape like a radio show in that Scribble and I were doing the whole thing live punching the loops as we needed them and adding reverb to accent the vocals. The reverb was an old EMT plate. This studio was connected to the NPR radio station in Bloomington, IN. The night engineer (Paul Sturm) was partial to our project and allowed us to come in a 5am and work until 8am. It was an old quad studio with a scary board that didn't work half the time. Most students wouldn't touch it because it had so many buttons on it. This made me want to use it even more. So we recorded all the cuts except Been Pegged Today? over the course of a week. Fueled on coffee and lack of sleep, these cuts are an interesting document. They seem naive now in this day but at the time we were really excited about them. The text still hold water even though the loops may be cheesy.