Ambulatory Paranoia
Gravelvoice (GVR-045) cassette 1996

Sin of Man
Soap Caverns
This is Why Apartments Suck and Guns are Legal
Wild Winds of Winter
Locked Away
A Comment on the Current State of Affairs

Ambulatory Paranoia
Dark Hall of Reality
Bitter Sweet Coco
Half Past Ten
Nova Feedback

This is one of the most satisfying projects I've completed in a long time. I feel that this is truly a Jabon classic which ranks up there with As Fess from 1987. This tape is a collection of different musical styles and really hits home the left right concept of album production. The left right concept is simply to grab hold of the listener and get their attention, then give them a right hook, then a left hook, then an upper cut, maybe a stick in the eye. Anything to surprise and make the recording a interesting listen. Taking one by surprise and stretching most people musical boundaries is what I strive for. This tape has it. Everything from Gamelan to Metal to Improv to Experimental, it's a roller coaster ride.

The most satifying element of this session was writing 12-25-95 on the reel master. When I lived in LA, my friend Marty worked for Hollywood Sound Recorders. They were asking him to come in on Christmas Day. We were wondering who would be insane enough to work on Christmas...it was Rick Rubin doing some work on a new Slayer record. I wondered if I'd ever find myself working on Christmas...I did.