Jabon- Agammoto
Gravelvoice (GVR-041) cassette 1994



This is the eighth Jabon cassette and probably the darkest to date. There was something in the air the nights that this tape was recorded. It flows through on the music. The band as a whole was down but Scribble was way down. Listen to these track and you'll see. No comedy, no goofiness just pure sludge. The only word out of a certain bass player from a certain other band I work with after listening to this master all the way through at high volume was, "Woa...that'll bring you down" These recordings also feature Jess Miller on saxophone. The editing was done by taking each side long piece and intercutting them hence the variance in quality and mix. The two "songs" (Prefertion and Soothsayer) were from a 1989 solo Scribble session with an Emulator and the text was from a biography on Tiny Tim published by Playboy Books in the seventies.