Jabon- Acere
Gravelvoice (GVR-033) cassette 1990

Gravedigger's Son
Cement Bass
Life in Hell
Glamorization of Suicide
Shopping With...
The Insane Child

Rock the Di
Cat Scat
She Treats my Like a Monster
Mr. Weaties
Saliva Desire

Each of these pieces are actually portions of a long improv that was deconstructed and rebuilt into songs. The same 4 track techniques were used with the same shitty mics but a build up a track was accomplished through mixing 4 tracks to cassette and dumping it back on. Since this was dumped on the same tape, some of the original tracks remained and were used to dement the drums. It's sort of like a echo or delay of the original drums with out using a delay unit. Life in Hell remains a favorite among those who hear it. The reasoning is probably because it was inspired by Ken Nordine's Word Jazz of the late 50's. It is also a discussion of reincarnation and multiple planes of existence.