Gravelvoice (GVR-035) cassette 1991

Cut and Paste


Now here is a fine piece of work. This was the first experimentation with Scribble's concept of improvisation in a rock format and editing with comedy. Two side long improvs were recorded and the good parts mixed to tape. This was done in the classic live to four track style we were all used to by now. Then we recorded our friend Ryan Hayes in the bathroom at the Wrigleyville Tap during $2.50 pitcher night. Ryan had a great routine that was the oldest man in the world that had seen everything and been at every major historical event but since he was so old, senility had set in and he gets his facts mixed up. Here is a quote, "and Abraham Lincoln came up to me and said that everything that was going on in Vietnam wasn't real and then he said, 'John Wilkes Booth will kill me.'"