Favorites for Sept 2013

My Favorites for September 2013.

This comp concentrates on two groups.

Dada Trash Collage from Easton, PA. I recorded a couple record with them and mastered a few more. This is some of my favorites cuts from the records I didn’t record.

Copernicus is a strange, free improv concept from New York. This guy put out a few records in the late 80’s but after that i kinda forgot about it. One day recently, I was wondering about Copernicus so i consulted the Oracle and the oracle revealed a boatload of records that have come out recently! These are some of my favorite cuts from these more recent records. His first one, “Nothing Exists” is recommended if you are into the stream of conscientiousness, Ken Nordine Word Jazz-esque jams.

Sept2013 by Scott Colburn on Mixcloud