Poe Boys Kindle Edition

Here’s the Kindle edition of the book. They have this new service called Whispersync which allows you to get kindle and audiobook all in one. You can read when you want to read and listen when you want to listen and it knows, somehow, where you are in the story. good news is that by buying the Kindle edition, you get the whispersync for $1.99 which is a much better deal that Audible directly. and NO you don’t have to have a kindle to view Kindle editions.

Poe Boys!

Many moons ago, Charles Gocher and I discussed recording Poe. Charlie got into it and even started writing songs about Poe. Sadly, he passed away before we could record.

In recent years, my friend Richard Panzer and I decided to do this project as a memorial to Mr. Gocher. Richard did a fantastic job of interpreting Poe. Sometime reading it as Poe himself, other times, with the accent of the character in the story.

For Halloween, and in memory, I give you Poe Boys – A Baker’s Dozen – 13 Poems and Tales by Edgar Allan Poe!

On Audible here

Favorites for Sept 2013

My Favorites for September 2013.

This comp concentrates on two groups.

Dada Trash Collage from Easton, PA. I recorded a couple record with them and mastered a few more. This is some of my favorites cuts from the records I didn’t record.

Copernicus is a strange, free improv concept from New York. This guy put out a few records in the late 80’s but after that i kinda forgot about it. One day recently, I was wondering about Copernicus so i consulted the Oracle and the oracle revealed a boatload of records that have come out recently! These are some of my favorite cuts from these more recent records. His first one, “Nothing Exists” is recommended if you are into the stream of conscientiousness, Ken Nordine Word Jazz-esque jams.