Gear VR Review Day 16

Hulu – This is for VR only releases. I watched The Path, which was a 2 minute meditation. The voice over was a little creepy but the spatialization and visuals were stunning.

the path

Gear VR Review Day 14

The last thing I want to look at is “Escape the Living Dead”. Also pretty well done. You are in a truck during a zombie attack. Spatialization worked pretty well and although the visual effects were cheap, I’m a fan.

escape the living dead

Gear VR Review Day 13

Then I watched “Invasion”, which was an animated thing and had good spatialization. LoVR is an animated recording of neural transmission which is really interesting concept. The video of this is also really good and kind of fun to watch as a timeline experience with lots of text and other graphics but as far as I could tell, the audio was not spatialized.



Gear VR Review Day 12

I don’t really care about sports so I skipped that genre and went to the travel section. The first one that I looked at was Machu Picchu, which is beautifully shot and as far as I can tell the audio wasn’t spatialized. Then there was a documentary about a town in China that built their own Eiffel Tower. This was also not spatialized. The Nepal film was not only beautifully shot but spatialized and was done really well. Probably the best thing I’ve seen / heard so far.


Gear VR Review Day 11

Jaunt is a collection of films. I chose music and there were three different things available Fuerza Imprevista, a Paul McCartney concert and Steye and the Bizonkid. The Fuerza Imprevista, was really great with good localization but was a little discombobulated at times. The and Steye and the Bizonkid was also really good music video but stereo only. I couldn’t give two shits about Paul McCartney but I tended to watch the crowd more and the music was sort of spatialized but not really or not very well done as far as I could tell.

Fuerza Imprevista

Steye and the Bizonkid

paul mccartney

Gear VR Review Day 10

Next VR is complete garbage. It started with mostly sports and political debates. When I went further back in time, I found a film called Pfeiffer Beach. Cool visually but it was slowed down and the sound didn’t match and was only in stereo and only 1 minute and I heard somebody talking in the middle of it. Treasure Island was the same. Golden Gate had no sound at all. The Coldplay video had a cool perspective but was only 180 degrees and not spatialized. The Canelo vs Khan fight highlights were hilarious though because the boxers looked like midgets.


Gear VR Review Day 9

Catatonic is a horror film. The spatialization was pretty good but not perfect. I really liked the way that everything was edited and how they moved me through the rooms without motion sickness.