Violent Apathy- Here Today...

Gravelvoice (GVR-004) 7" EP 1983

Bought and Sold
Here Today

Black Sorrow
La Bamba

Paul Mahern was living at the Arts Academy and didn't have a phone. Violent Apathy knew that I saw Paul on a regular basis and wanted to record soon. We went on to discuss a business deal in which I offered to put out their record if Paul didn't want to. Paul didn't want to. It was interesting though that we mixed the record at the new Hit City location which wasn't completed yet. We mixed in the main room with a patched together system and got some neat results. While we were mixing Paul told me that Kenny wanted a Saturday Morning Firegod effect on his voice during Possession. We got so much flack for doing it but it didn't matter because it poked a hole in what people believed punk rock should sound like.