Pint Sized Spartacus

Gravelvoice (GVR-014)

Wanting Things
The Debate of One Splintered Soul
His Evil Twin Brother Within
Parting the Sea of Tranquility
Speak Easy and Forever Hold Your Piece
A Constructive Illusion
Johnny "the Brain" Torrio: Attorney at Law
Dissappearing in a Sea of Unbridled Personification
Hymn for Kali Ma
Sea of Samsara
The Sound of One Cross Walking
Flying on Scissored Wings
Crucified at the Crossroads Between Shovel and Sky
Angelo & Bessie

This is the Charles Gocher solo project with the help of Elaine DiFalco, Terry Nelson, Mike Bisio, Eyvind Kang, Michael and Cynda. This is more radio drama than music. You really have to know your history to appreciate the melding of historical event that this disc presents. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, well an audio sample is also worth a thousand words. This project was recorded over the course of a year. It includes straight to DAT "live in the studio" recordings, 80-8 multitrack recordings, cassette four track recordings, straight to computer recordings, field recordings and other sound sources. The skitzo mic technique from Dante's was used for the main dialog. The final form was on the TripleDAT system which allowed us to add more tracks to the 8 track stuff and additional sound effects to the whole production. It was a labor of love. I don't think most people understood this release because they were expecting music only and got drama. You decide for yourself.