Killing Children- Rockin' Reigns Supreme

Gravelvoice (GVR-007) cassette 1986

Side 1

Generic Hardcore I
Death Chronicles
Old Thing
KKK Crusade
Pull the Plug
Generic Hardcore II

Side 2

Spring Fever
My Friends
Happy Mutants
Generic Hardcore
Unnatural Silence

Side 1 of this cassette is the rest of the studio stuff (Pull the Plug and KKK Crusade) from the Certain Death sessions plus additional studio material recorded with a different lineup at Hit City in Indianapolis. It was tracked at Hit City's garage location where much of Master Tape 2 and Articles of Faith's Wait EP were recorded. It was mixed after the move to the Broad Ripple location. Generic Hardcore features a live chainsaw lead. This song was co-written by Greta Brinkman and myself in a bus stop in Indianapolis at 4am. After recording the chainsaw, we had to air out the studio or risk exhaust induced suicide. Side 2 if from various live shows but most of the material is from a particular twist on our regular set at Rickys Canteena in Bloomington, IN. The twist was heavy metal versions of all the songs.