Church of the Insane Mind
Gravelvoice (GVR-023) cassette 1988

Puking Dog
Man In Yard

Masters of the Universe
Snake Charmer

This was a band that partially lived in Chicago and partially in Rockford, IL. The music was largely improvised and then written from those improvisations. This cassette consisted of several studio cuts and two live tracks. When this band played live, it was loud and damaging. Heavily influenced by Sabbath, Gone, Black Flag and Hawkwind, this band's testament to those bands stands on this one tape. The "studio" was bedroom at the bass players house. The drums were recorded in the room with a mic on the snare, one on the kick and one on each tom. In addtion, two PZM's were taped together and positioned over the drummers head. The guitar was isolated in the bathroom off to one side and the bass was isolated in a closet. The bass was done as a DI though. It was tracked on a Fostex 1/4" 8 track by Scott Greiner through a small Sound Workshop board. we mixed it back in Chicago in Scott's apartment at very low volume. It sounded great! I remixed the material in 1998 and ran the bass out to a Fender Bassman and mic'd that back into the board. It sounded even better. We just couldn't blast a Bassman in an apartment in Chicago!