ODIR- God's Dick
Gravelvoice (GVR-029) cassette 1987

Fuck Around
Prelude to Destruction
Shakin' the Relics

God is Dead
Pain and Lament for My Cock
Wild Thing
Booserhill- Fugue into Chaos
Live at No Bar and Grill 9-20-86

This was an all studio recording from this wild band. It was a difficult session in that the music was recorded live and the vocals and other sounds were overdubbed. Truly difficult from the bands perspective since they thrash about alot. Fuck Around is just a portion of a 20 minute jam. I spared you the gory details. Yep, Breakdown is the Tom Petty tune done to technical accuracy (in someone's mind). Wild Thing was sung by some girl that I can't remember her name. If you listen closely you can hear someone peeing in the background. Many bottles of Wisconsin Club were consumed and I guess since the vocals were done in the bathroom that nature called during the recording.