Sun City Girls - Dante's Disneyland Inferno

Abduction (ABDT-007) Double CD 1996

Disc 1

Sexy Graveyard
Hector and Chino
Soft Fragile Eggshell Minds
A Bad Dream
The Geography of the Swastika
Flesh Balloons of Tibet
Pay the Fiddler
The Brothers Unconnected
Hippie Conglomerate
Five Minutes
Charles Gocher Sr
A Man is An Insect is a Flame
Jack the Ripper
Persistence of Vision
Dear Anybody
A Secret Revealed Unwittingly
Helen Waite
Jessup's Dairy

Disc 2

Ballad of (D)Anger
Bitter Cold Countryside
Ruby on the Ferris Wheel
The Ballad of Co-Dependency
Joan of Arc
Holiday for Shakespeare
The Harley of Horror
Let's Pretend
Floppy Pus
Bloody Zipper
Family of Nails
Sal Manilla
Six Kids of Mine
Dan and Ross
Book of Revelations
Bird of Prey

As of this writing, I believe that this is the finest work I've done. Sexy Graveyard and Book of Revelations to be specific. These songs are exercises in horror. Charlie and I developed a micing technique to allow the him to slide from normalcy to schizophrenia on a whim. This technique involved a small tube amplifier and two microphones. An SM57 and an AKG were taped together but offset from each other. The AKG is a crackly sounding mic anyways so we sent that to the amp and mic'd the amp with a PZM. Hector and Chino features Crystal Gallegos (age 9) doing the vocals. It took about four hours to record but it's priceless. I was amazed when I took a rough mix to the Gallegos household for them to her that Crystal was able to sing the words by heart. That's smart!
This project also has two extended Uncle Jim pieces. Uncle Jim hasn't made an appearance since the Sun City Girls first LP! Most of the rest of the material was recorded during the Torch Sessions but were remixed to sonically fit with the other pieces. This and 330 were largely recorded on a Tascam 80-8 which was the same machine that Torch was recorded on.