Killing Children- Certain Death

Gravelvoice (GVR-002) 7" EP 1983

Killing Children

3 Track Mind
Happy Mutants (For Nuclear Energy)
Certain Death

KKK Crusade (recorded at this session but released on Rockin' Reigns Supreme)
Pull the Plug (not released)

This record was recorded at Zoundz Studio in West Lafayette, IN which was run by Brad (Mr. Science) Garton. Mr. Science was a member of Dow Jones and the Industrials. This record was co-produced by Mr. Science, Paul Mahern (Zero Boys) and myself. This recording is straight ahead hardcore punk but we recorded the music first and the vocals separate. Science liked electronic effects so the vocals are severely compressed as well as the drums. It made for an interesting sound and since I didn't know too much about recording at the time, it sufficed.