Gravelvoice Studios

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The Control Room is 19' x 14' x 8.5'
It is a basic LEDE construction featuring a Yamaha 02R96, Teac 90-16 1" 16 track analog machine with Event 20/20 near fields powered by a Crown DC300 amp with a self powered Miller & Kreisel Volkswoofer subwoofer system.

The digital workstation is centered around a Mac Pro "Clovertown" with 5 gig's running Nuendo 4 and Pro Tools 10. Other computers run Cool Edit Pro 2.1, Premiere Pro 1.5, Final Cut Pro 6 or TripleDAT digital audio editing software.

To your right you will see the overdub room adjacent to the control room. It features .5 sec RT60 and is the perfect compliment to the tracking room.

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