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FMR Audio – Really Nice Compressor RNC1773 ($199)
by scott colburn

What it is: (from the website)

“The Really Nice Compressor (RNC) is a compact, affordable stereo compressor with a high-fidelity audio path and compression scheme. Don't be deceived by the sub-$200 price tag; the RNC is a serious studio tool that easily competes with compressors five times its price..”

How it works:

The RNC is a 1/3 rack space stereo compressor. It’s connections are via ¼”, unbalanced, phone plugs. There is also a sidechain option. It has a wall wart power supply and there is no way to make the two channels work independently.

But these are minor setbacks for what this is. It is an easy to use, straight compssor that works on just about anything. I typically use just one side of it for vocal compression. The front comtrols are what you would normally find on any compressor (threashold, ratio, attack, release and gain). There is a “Super Nice” button on the front that the company suggests you try. It is “super nice”. They warn that the parameters on the front no longer apply, but that’s what is great about compression. It almost doesn’t matter what the front dials say, you have to listen for what you are trying to get. The RNC 1773 is recommended not only for it’s fine sound, but it’s fine price.