online version

Screen Recordster 2.3
by scott colburn

What it is: (from the website)
“Screen Recordster v2.3 is a tool used for recording screen activity into standard WMV video files. You can use Screen Recordster to develop videos to demonstrate features of new software. Very nice tool for teachers and computer instructors.”
How it works:

This program installs very quickly and easily under XP. It also installs Media Encoder 9. I was intrigue by this program because it is developed by a company that also develops audio editing tools. Screen Recordster does what it says it will do, but you need to experiment a bit to get the best video.

If you are trying to record a full screen image you will notice a serious slow down on your computer which makes your other programs run slow. This is not surprising since the program is writing screen captures from the full size of your screen! At this size the system is slow, the video captured is also choppy.

One option is to reduce the screen size of the application you are recording and use Screen Recordster in “draw” mode. This mode allows you to resize a window to the area of the screen you want to record. This made the video much smoother.

This program records any screen movement and the audio associated with it, including sound input, which can be used to narrate your movements to create simple, quick tutorials for class.