When I was contacted about reviewing the LD-2ube and was told that it was a tube mic for $300. I said, "huh? yeah! I'll check that out".

I've used it on every vocal session since then.

This mic is within the stream of mics made in China that are knock offs of other "name" microphones. I just look at it this way, for $300, it's got to sound at least as good as a 57. It does sound good! I used it on vocals (natch), acoustic guitar, piano, drums and noises. I even put it up against a C3000B, TLM-103, KSM-32, AT4050, and a 57! It won't blow your mind in comparison, but it holds its own against these common, current mics. The people at Pacific Pro Audio told me they put it up against another big name tube mic and it didn't really float well, but then, what does? Hell, you could just put a Neuman sticker on this thing and most wouldn't know the difference from site.

It comes in a nice metal case with shock mount, cable, windscreen and power supply. The power supply box also houses the pickup pattern selection switch. This mic starts as an omni and proceeds to cardioid and finishes as a figure 8 in 9 steps. The off axis rejection in figure 8 mode is pretty damn impressive as is the completeness of the omni pattern (no holes).

It's a bit bright for vocals without the windscreen, but too dull with windscreen on piano, guitar, etc. The shockmount is a little difficult to manage. Mine actually broke, but PPA replaced it right away and already improved on the original design. There is also a tube upgrade available and although I didn't notice a big difference, I did notice the noise level go down.

All in all, a fine mic at a fine price with various applications. You really can't go wrong.