The Gynecologists cover image


A Goat...You Geek
Gravelvoice (GVR-003) cassette 1984

Side A
Ron and Nancy
Duk Ku Kim
The Shape of Things to Come
Slit Your Wrists
Infant Doe

Side B
Animal Farm
Gym Gerard
Democrats Suck Donkey Dicks
Juanita Ring
Kent State
Young Ron

This was recorded at the Musical Arts Center Studios at Indiana University by Guy Harbuck. I didn't have anything to do with the recording other than a remastering job in June of 1997. I did, however, release this on the Gravelvoice label in 1984. The first 100 copies were done at Audio Village in Bloomington IN. This was an interesting place in that the whole house was a studio. The back wall of the control room was the kitchen. There were windows into each room as they were used for iso booths. The owner (Wayne Gunn) claimed his 8 track machine was owned by Neil Young at one time. Wayne is still around but lives in Palm Springs, CA now and brokers used Pro Audio gear.
The vocalist and songwriter for this band is Kerry Scott. Last I heard, he was still living in southern Indiana and was still keeping the Gynecologist legacy alive. I've got to hand it to Kerry, he's the one responsible for playing Brown Reasons To Live by the Butthole Surfers for me at the right time, just weeks after it was first released.