Leotard Geeks- Dog Food on a String

Gravelvoice (GVR-012) LP 1986

Go Away
The Weekend
On the Highway
London's Dead
Are you Comfortable?
Why Are We Here?
Swinging on a Tree Top
No Sickness

39 Rivers
She Was Chinese, She was White
Inspire Me
"C" Certain Strangers
I Gotta Be A Part of Your Brain
Same People, Same Bars
Not Too Mention
Sean Patrick Kelly
Suburbian Life

This release is sort of weird in that there is a long story that precedes it. The basics of the story is that the brother of a friend of mine went to Stratford, Ontario for the Shakespearean Festival. While there he stumbled upon a stereo shop in which the salesman ended up selling him a 7" EP called The Wheezing Dogz - Modern Snacks for Modern Lovers. When he got back home he played it for me and my friend and I was taken in by this recording. It was great. It was weird. It was bad. It was brilliant. For four years I tried to track down a copy. I even asked fellow record collectors like Jello Biafra and Tesco Vee if they had even heard of it. No such luck. In desperation, I called my friends brother and offered any sum of money if I could buy that record. He declined due to sentimental value but told me there was an address on the inside of the record. I was overjoyed! I wrote immediately and received a call several weeks later. "Hello Scott? Fray Bentos here, Yeah I can send you one of those EP's and one that we never released as well." .."In Heaven..Everything is Fine".
About a year later, Fray said that they wanted to release an LP but they were the Leotard Geeks now. I agreed. They recorded it, I mastered it and my sister silkscreened the covers.