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Best of 2015

This is my list of favorites from the year. It’s not restricted to items that just came out in 2015. It’s a list of favorite media that I consumed within 2015. Click on the links to see or hear or buy.

Below is a Mixcloud sampler of the following list. So here’s it is, Scott Colburn’s Best of 2015 mix.

Bestof2015 by Scott Colburn on Mixcloud


D’Angelo and the Vanguard – Black Messiah

I know this record came out late 2014, I bought it around christmas last year, but didn’t get around to listening to it until Feb. When a record gets stuck on your turntable and returns to that table dozens of times within the year, that has to indicate “album of the year”. What’s so good about it? Well, dude hasn’t put out anything in a looooong time. People mention it all the time. It’s funky! It’s weird (especially in the vocal department). There are drum patterns that are just simply off time consistently. Basically, it’s a fucked up record that somehow got released on a major label. What’s not to like?


Indian Jewelry – Peel It

Again, late to the party here. They even put out a new record this year, but this one blew my mind! It’s like a Chrome record, then it’s a Butthole Surfers record, then it’s a Prince Rama record, then it’s a Pocahaunted record, then it’s… then it’s…


Hollywood Vampires – S/T

I love Alice Cooper! This has Alice plus Joe Perry and Johnny Depp. Combine those guys with Bob Ezrin and you really can’t go wrong. This is a covers/tribute to all the guys that Alice would drink with that are all dead now and boy, they do a good job. Two complaints though, You HAVE to nail the bass solo in My Generation and it’s never a good idea to have Dave Grohl on anything, but that aside, this rules. The last song is CLASSIC Alice Cooper and I love to hear that great voice and theatrical song writing again.


Snakefinger – Live in Melbourne

I’m a Snakefinger fan. When this came about, I knew that I needed to buy it, but I was skeptical that it would actually see the light of day because it was one of those indiegogo things where someone gets the rights to release something and they fund raise and they don’t even understand what it takes to press a record (although it’s not that hard). What they do is collect the money and then make excuses about why it’s taking so long. This is not as bad but almost as bad as the Chrome fiasco from a few years ago, but the bottom line is that the material is killer!!!!! It’s a live recording but this band is soooo frickin’ tight that it just puts all bands to shame. I point to it and say, “Do you know why this is so good? Because they practiced!”


Ty Segall – Manipulator

I ended up getting this on cassette because a friend played it for me in that format. Contrary to what my memory tells me about cassettes, this sounds fantastic on cassette. This psychedelic pop masterpiece is what I’ve been looking for since Purple Electricity!


Pharmakon – Beastial Burden

WOW! I can’t express how heavy and brutal this record is and it’s just one person! Forget the art school cover, this is genuine, full blown concept music. Pure, Powerful and Crushing!


Baba Commandant and the Mandingo Band – Juguya

While this might win “most cryptic liner notes” I _think_ this is a modern recording, but not really sure. Also don’t really know where they are from but this African music is simply sublime.