Dreams are Weird

A recent email to Sir Richard Bishop:

In the first dream I was “helping” Gary Numan perform in this sort of space ship about the size of the land speed cruiser from star wars. His performance was more like a parade because the audience was on a sidewalk and he was floating in the middle of the “street” except the street was about 5 stories above the actual street. I was walking on the sidewalk where the audience was and I saw Ringo Starr there and I said, ‘Hey it’s Ringo Starr” and he said sarcastically, “Hey It’s Ringo Starr” and I said, “Well who else would it be?” and he agreed. Then I eyed Big Daddy nodding and dragging. Then you walked by and said, “George Harrison is here?” and I looked back and he was there but it was a very young George Harrison.

Then I jumped over to Gary’s space ship float and the back of it opened vertically, so I climbed over it and into the compartment that had just opened when it started to close and it closed tight, It had padding in it and was starting to apply more and more pressure on my body. I started to suffocate and was yelling “no No NO NOOOOOOO” then I woke up.

The next night my friend Dave and I heard about this way you could make money by policing oyster or clam or coral reef or some shit. I didn’t have the inflatable suit necessary, but I wanted to make the cash, so I held on to his leg and held the gun on a rope in case we ran across poachers. I held it upside down so as not to fire it off randomly as would be my nature. We floated around for a while and then came up for air and a break. As we came out of the water, you walked by and nodded.

“That’s IT! I. T. starring Roddy McDowell” (The Real Uncle Jim)

“It must be because of this (see attached) it’s always because of this!”(Hunchbacked Gardener from “Candy” featuring Ringo Starr!)sir richard