Coming Soon – Santa Monica

Cut 8 from Coming Soon – Tiger Meets Lion. Check out the Coltrane references all over the place

Coming Soon – Lookaway

Cut 7 from Coming Soon – Tiger Meets Lion. Check out my Hammond B3 skillz!

Vensaire – Perdix streaming

In four days, the world will finally be able to hear this wonderful record. I’m soooo excited I could burst! But YOU can get blessed relief. Spin is streaming the whole damn thing! Name drop too!

“Junk” DVD Signing

…and if you can’t go to the screening tonight, you can certainly go to the DVD signing and screening at Scarecrow tomorrow. Ah Hell! you could do both. Never too much “Junk”


Coming Soon – Terrella

I had to draw on all my Arcade Fire-ness for this the 6th track on Coming Soon – Tiger Meets Lion